About Noon:

Noon is an online Arabic and Qur’an center. Noon brings together the best native Arabic speaking instructors with eager Arabic learners to provide a learning experience unlike any other on the internet. Our system is student centered, which means that we are always up to your expectations and very keen to meet all your requirements.

Our philosophy:

The Arabic Language represents the Arabic and Islamic culture and civilization. Muslims and non- Muslims are motivated to learn the Arabic language to comprehend the holy Qura’an and to perceive the great Arabic Islamic culture. Our goal is to spread the Arabic language throughout our practical philosophy.
Our philosophy is expressed in our commitment to small groups. The smaller number of students, the more attention each student receives. Though one or two-student classes are ideal, we encourage groups of no more than five students. That way, the student is able to participate and practice the four skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading of the language in an efficient manner.

Our Teachers:

All our teachers are native Arabic speakers with degrees from prestigious universities including Al-azhar University and others. Their major is language studies. Some of them Arabic major and others are English major. All are well trained to use the latest teaching technology and have experience in Arabic instruction. Teachers test and evaluate the student every month to follow up his progress. All of our teachers speak English and several are bilingual. Instructors are also required to have experience teaching non-Arabs the Arabic language.

Teaching methods:

The basic is using the communicative teaching methods. The student has an unrestrained access to the social, cultural, and pragmatic aspects of the language. Our instructors assimilating real life situations into class activities, and in homework exercises. The teacher is able to identify the strong and weak points in his \her student, so that he\she can determine the student’s level accordingly and therefore most effectively.